When you have your first appointment, your community midwife will ask you about your medical history, previous pregnancy outcomes, any medications you take and your family history. This will help us to define the risk of your pregnancy.

You might come under the category of 'complex' or 'high-risk' pregnancy because:

  • You have a pre-existing medical condition, such as diabetes, epilepsy or high blood pressure, which could have an impact on you and your baby during pregnancy.
  • You have experienced complicating factors in previous pregnancies which mean you need specialist care to achieve a safe outcome for you and your baby.
  • Your midwife has identified that your pregnancy needs specialist input, which could be due to varied blood pressure or a baby that appears smaller than anticipated.¬†

The term 'high risk' may seem frightening, but it simply tells us that your pregnancy needs additional input from specialists.

Watch a video about our complex pregnancy clinics

Day Assessment Unit (DAU)

You might be referred to the Day Assessment Unit (DAU) by your GP, community midwife, or a specialist at the hospital clinic.

On the DAU you and your baby will be monitored or offered further investigations if necessary. You will be cared for by our team of midwives who will refer you to a doctor if needed.

For full details, please visit Day Assessment Unit and maternity ultrasound.

Referrals to other specialities

If your pregnancy requires input from other specialities, for example, you have epilepsy, diabetes or heart or kidney disease, you will be referred through the relevant clinic.

You may also be referred to the Anaesthetic Assessment Clinic (held in DAU) if any factors in your condition, your previous history or your present pregnancy indicate this is necessary.