We are a team of health professionals who care for you during your labour and delivery but we also care for you if you have a caesarean section, an assisted delivery or a more complex pregnancy.

Our team consists of

  • Midwives and Obstetricians
  • Anaesthetists
  • Maternity Support Workers
  • Maternity Care Assistants
  • Theatre Staff
  • Ward Clerks
  • Housekeeping Staff

Additional members of our team include health professionals in training such as Midwives, Medical Students, and Paramedics.

We will always ask your permission for students (under the supervision of a qualified member of staff) to participate in the care we provide for you and we will respect your choice if you do not wish this.

Our philosophy of care

"We aim to provide a relaxed and friendly environment, pleasant to the women and their birth partners in our care, which promotes privacy, maintains dignity and is sensitive to individual needs and preferences.

Our individualised and holistic approach, enhanced through continued education, ensures a safe standard of care, which optimises the well being of mother and baby.

Parents are invited to complete a birth plan, which incorporates their own perceived needs during labour.

No changes are made to this without sensitive and adequate explanation and most importantly, the mother's consent.

Ultimately, we strive to make the birthing experience a happy and memorable occasion."

About the Delivery Suite

We have 12 en-suite delivery rooms, two admission rooms and two maternity theatres which are fully equipped with modern equipment to care for both you and your baby.

Each delivery room has an electronic delivery bed which can be adjusted to support several different positions for labour and delivery.

We also have a large birthing pool and all our Midwives are trained to provide safe care for labour and birth in the pool.

If you would like a water-birth or to use the pool during your labour, you should inform staff when you arrive as the pool will take approximately one hour to fill due to its size.

Our policy relating to which patients are able to use the birthing pool safely is dictated by relevant recent research in this area.

There may be some women who, for medical reasons, will be advised that a water-birth may not be appropriate for them.

In these circumstances it is advisable to discuss your birth plan with your community midwife initially.

The Midwife looking after you in Delivery Suite will discuss the use of the pool and the policy with you on an individual basis.

Building work will shortly begin to transform an existing room into a bereavement suite for the use of women and their families who have suffered a pregnancy loss.

Visiting times

  • Partners and own children: 9.00am-9.00pm
  • All other visitors: 2.30pm-4.30pm and 6.00pm-8.00pm

You can have two adult birthing partners of your choice with you while you are in the Delivery Suite.

Due to the nature of the unit, all other visiting is restricted and is at the discretion of the Midwife responsible for the woman's care and the Delivery Suite Co-ordinator.

The Delivery Suite is not considered a suitable environment for children and only in exceptional circumstances will children be admitted.


The Delivery Suite is a secure unit.

All visitors need to use the intercom system on the wall outside the door to gain access.

Please ensure that all visitors know the full name of the person they are visiting, otherwise access may be denied.

Electronic baby tagging is in operation on the Delivery Suite.

All babies, when delivered, wear a tag around their ankle.

Alarms sound if a baby is near an exit and staff are alerted to ensure security for our babies.

Hand washing

In the interest of infection control, good hand washing practices are promoted for all staff, patients and visitors to the unit.

We require all visitors to wash their hands using the alcohol gel located on the wall outside, before entering the unit.

If there are any patients or visitors with known allergies or skin conditions where this may not be appropriate they are encouraged to discuss this with the staff on the unit.

Future developments

In association with our charity, Brighter Futures, we're working to further improve outcomes of maternity services in line with NHS England's 'Better Births' project - please see:


If you require additional information relating to labour care or facilities or have specific needs that you wish to discuss prior to your baby's birth please discuss with your Community Midwife or contact:

Midwifery Matron
Tel: 01793 604576

Tour of our Delivery Suite