Where you have your baby is your choice, and you will be supported in this choice.

In Swindon, options include:

  • The White Horse Birth Centre at the Great Western Hospital, a midwife‑led unit which offers a more 'home‑like' and relaxed environment.
  • The Delivery Suite at the Great Western Hospital which has more medical facilities
  • A home birth. 

Your midwife will explain your birthing options and answer any questions you have. They will support you to prepare a birth plan which reflects your individual needs and wishes.

Not all women are able to give birth where they planned or hoped for. For example, some women may need to be transferred to the Delivery Suite during labour if there are concerns about them or their baby, so that extra care is on hand if needed.

For more information on where to give birth, visit Where to give birth: the options - NHS (www.nhs.uk)

Watch the video below to learn more about the different places that you can give birth.

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