Watch a video about normal labour and delivery:

Water birth

Labour in water has long been used as a method of pain relief.

Delivery underwater has increased in popularity in the last decade, and we have pools at the White Horse Birth Centre and in the Delivery Suite at the Great Western Hospital.

What to do if you would like the pool

Discuss with your Midwife who will assess your suitability for a water birth.

What to bring

You may wear a loose T-shirt if you wish.


Our Maternity Services have been assessed by the Care Quality Commission 2009 as having high standards of antenatal care and safety which means we work to ensure you receive the safest level of care at all times.

As a Trust, we pride ourselves on having really tough infection control procedures which has helped reduce MRSA by 75% over the past five years.


Ensuring that your baby is safe and secure is extremely important to us and we operate an intercom system to allow access to all our units as well as an electronic tagging system for babies (born in the Delivery Suite at Great Western Hospital) for your peace of mind.

Blood Groups and Red Cell Antibodies in Pregnancy


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