The delivery suite at Great Western Hospital is equipped with modern equipment, including electronic delivery beds, to care for both you and your baby.

The suite also includes a large birthing pool. If you would like a water-birth or to use the pool during your labour, please advise your midwife.

Due to medical reasons, a water-birth may not be appropriate for all births. In these circumstances, it is advisable to discuss your birth plan with your community midwife initially.

Visiting times

  • Partners and own children: 9.00am-9.00pm
  • All other visitors: 2.30pm-4.30pm and 6.00pm-8.00pm

You can have two adult birthing partners of your choice with you while you are in the Delivery Suite.

Due to the nature of the unit, all other visiting is restricted and is at the discretion of the Midwife responsible for the woman's care and the Delivery Suite Co-ordinator.

The Delivery Suite is not considered a suitable environment for children and only in exceptional circumstances will children be admitted.

Future developments

In association with our charity, Brighter Futures, we're working to further improve outcomes of maternity services in line with NHS England's 'Better Births' project - please see:


If you require additional information relating to labour care or facilities or have specific needs that you wish to discuss prior to your baby's birth please discuss with your Community Midwife or contact:

Midwifery Matron
Tel: 01793 604576

Tour of our Delivery Suite