We offer open visiting across the Trust, allowing visitors between 8am and 8pm on most of our wards.

A maximum of two visitors at any one time are permitted to a patient’s bedside.

Visiting outside of these hours may also be possible following discussion with the ward area.

We also welcome patients to be accompanied to most appointments, where appropriate.

Exceptions to this may include:

  • Acute Cardiac Unit, patients have a rest period between 1.00pm-3.00pm when they ask that there are no visitors
  • Emergency Department and Urgent Treatment Centre
  • Maternity 
  • Critical Care Unit, please speak to a member of the team.
  • Surgery/Day case procedures and day therapy, patients may be accompanied in some situations, please speak to a member of the team.

Our commitment

The Trust recognises the important role that family, friends and carers play in supporting the care of our patients.

That’s why we support all our patients to receive visits and be accompanied to appointments based on their personal preferences.

Our visitors charter explains our commitment below in further detail:

  • Holding open visiting from 8am to 8pm, where visitors can attend at a time that suits the patients and the visitor
  • Ensuring all visitors feel welcomed to the ward area
  • Ensuring that all visiting, and accompaniment can happen safely
  • Working in partnership with relatives, carers and loved ones to recognise the importance of their involvement in the care of our patients. This means, where consent is given, we still have open communication which ensures a patient next of kin or named contact is well informed.
  • Recognising that the people who are most important to our patients may vary and can include close friends. We call these Care Partners.
  • We advocate for the national Johns Campaign to provide additional support for patients with a dementia diagnosis.

Our staff are committed to supporting your visit to the Great Western Hospital and will be able to advise you on any restrictions in place.

Dedicated patient and family telephones

Our wards have dedicated telephone lines for family and friends to speak directly with their loved one whilst in hospital. Please ask a member of the ward team for the direct dial number. 

We ask that these telephones are used solely for contact with patients. For general ward information or clinical updates please contact the ward reception number.