Daytime tariff


Period Fee
0-20 minutes Free
21 minutes to 1 hour £1.10
1-2 hours £2.20
2-3 hours £3.30
3-4 hours £4.40
4-6 hours £7.20
6-24 hours £8.80

Evening tariff


Period Fee
Up to 2 hours £1.00
Over 2 hours £2.00

Concessionary tariff

Period Fee
All times £1.10

For an explanation of who qualifies for the concessionary tariff, please see Parking.

Disabled parking

There is no charge for parking in these areas and there is no length of stay restriction in place. 

Please see Disabled parking.

Ways to pay

Pay machines accept coins or debit/credit cards.

Lost tickets

Lost or damaged tickets will be charged at the 6-24 hours daytime tariff rate (please see above). 

Further information

Please see also: