Patient and visitor disabled car parking spaces are provided close to the entrances of all buildings on the hospital site.

Blue Badge holders are also allowed to use parent and child parking spaces.

Disabled parking spaces are not barrier-controlled, and users must display a valid Blue Badge and clock displaying time of arrival at all times.

Charges and maximum stay

There is no charge for parking in these areas, however you will need to validate your parking, either at one of the pay-on-foot machines.

Enter your vehicle registration at one of the pay-on-foot machines, press continue and a fee will appear on screen. If you scan the barcode on the back of your blue badge, then this fee will be waived so you are able to exit the car park for free.

Blue badger holders are also able to scan the barcode on their badge at the exit barrier, and the barrier will lift free of charge.

Please note there is a three-hour maximum stay parking restriction in place, which helps us to maximise the disabled spaces available to patient and visitors.

We are aware that, on occasions, appointments/duration of stay can exceed the three hours; in these circumstances, please give your car registration details to a member of staff in the department/ward you are visiting, and they will make special arrangements with the car parking team - this can be done prior to your visit if you expect to have a long appointment at the hospital. 

If you need a wider space for access requirements, please wait within the disabled area for a space to become available.

Parking attendants are also on site to offer their support.

If all disabled parking spaces are occupied

If all the disabled parking spaces are full, and you only require a standard-sized parking bay, please park in one of the main patient and visitor car parks.

If parking within the main patient and visitor car parks, please take your disabled badge to the main atrium reception between 8.00am and 4.00pm.

The receptionist will ask to see your disabled badge and issue you with a free exit ticket.

Please then go to the exit barrier and scan the ticket, to exit the car park.

Outside of these hours, please go to the exit barrier and press the help button, and the operator will ask you for your disabled badge number and raise the barrier to allow you to exit the car park.

Further information

Please see also Disabled access.