Car parking at the Great Western Hospital

Car parking at the hospital is limited; the Trust operates a green transport policy and we encourage staff and visitors to use alternatives to driving wherever possible.

Drop-off areas are available.

Please see Car parking map.

Upon arrival

Please leave up to an hour to find a parking space.

The barrier car parks (North, West and Emergency Department ('A&E')) are 'pay on exit'; and the Brunel Treatment Centre car park is 'pay and display'.

Vehicles in the Brunel Treatment Centre car park must therefore display a valid ticket.

If you're running late

Please try not to worry, we will do our best to ensure you are seen.

If you are able to let us know in advance - and it is safe for you to call - please ring the number on your appointment letter.


Please see Parking charges.

Swindon Intermediate Care Centre (SwICC)

Apart from disabled parking, there is no separate parking at SwICC - patients and visitors should use the adjacent North Car Park.

Disabled parking

Spaces are provided close to the entrances of all buildings on the hospital site.

For disabled parking close to the Brunel Treatment Centre entrance, turn left at the main roundabout, then turn right and go over the crossing and the mini-roundabout, following the disabled parking signs to the entrance to the car park on your left. 

Disabled parking spaces are not barrier protected and users must display a valid Blue Badge at all times.

There is no charge for parking in these areas and there is no length of stay restriction in place.

If you find that all the disabled parking spaces are full, please park in the main patient and visitor car parks.

Show your Blue Badge at the main reception in the Atrium and you will be able to claim a free pass for the car park for that day.

See also Disabled access.


In certain circumstances, patients and visitors may be entitled to parking concessions.

They may be issued in the following circumstances:

  • Patients who regularly attend the hospital for ongoing treatment on a daily (more than one day in any given week) or  weekly (more than one occasion in any one month) basis and who can demonstrate that they have no alternative but to drive to the hospital.
  • Visitors of patients or patients whose current condition is judged by clinical staff responsible for their care as being of a "very serious" or "life threatening" character.
  • Patients (and/or their supporters/carers) whose stay and hence occupation of a parking space is extended beyond an excessively long period which they could not reasonably have expected, either from information provided to them relating to their appointment or displayed in the relevant area.

Free barrier passes may be issued in the following circumstances:

  • Patients or patient visitors/supporters/carers who arrive in emergency circumstances without money to cover parking charges.
  • Patients whose treatment is not NHS funded and whose insurer has an agreement with The Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust that free parking for their client will be provided.

If you think you may be eligible for parking concessions, please speak to a member of staff on the ward/department you are visiting for further information.

Parking ticket appeals

If you receive a parking ticket and consider it to have been issued in error, you can appeal through the contractor providing this service - please see the Local Parking Security Ltd website (

Where the money from hospital parking goes

Money collected from parking charges is invested back into the maintenance of the car park including lighting, signage, security and staffing.

The charges are also used to fund improvements such as the recent expansion of our staff car park which frees up more spaces in the visitor car parks.

We have also recently added more spaces for disabled visitors.

Remaining income from parking charges is invested directly into patient services.

Without parking charges the cost of providing parking would need to be funded directly from the Trust, diverting much needed funds away from patient services.

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