The Day Assessment Unit (DAU) provides close monitoring throughout your pregnancy for you and your unborn baby if you develop complications during your pregnancy.

The DAU provides comprehensive monitoring throughout your pregnancy to ensure you receive continuity of care.

In diagnosing problems early and providing an appropriate and individual plan of care, we help you and your partner make informed choices about your pregnancy which ensures the best possible outcome for you and your baby.

You will also visit the DAU for ultrasound scans during your pregnancy.

What to expect

You may be referred to the unit if:

  • your baby is less active than usual
  • you have raised blood pressure
  • there are any problems with your baby's growth
  • your baby is overdue
  • you have diabetes or problems with your blood sugar
  • there is too much or too little liquor (water) around your baby
  • you are having more than one baby
  • you have had problems in any previous pregnancies.


You can be referred to the DAU by your Community Midwife, your GP or doctor.

You can also refer yourself if you have any worries or concerns about your pregnancy.


2nd floor, Great Western Hospital

Opening times

Day Times

Monday - Sunday

(Excluding Christmas Day)



Tel: 01793 604825 or 01793 604826

If you have any concerns out of hours, please contact the Delivery Suite which are open 24 hours every day.