Jupiter Ward specialises in treating adult/elderly male and female patients with a variety of conditions.


Great Western Hospital - Fourth Floor (please see Floor plan). 

Visiting times

We operate open visiting across the Trust.

Meal times

  • Breakfast: 7.30am
  • Lunch: 12.15pm
  • Dinner: 5.15pm

There is a choice of menu for every meal time.

For the first 24 hours you will be asked what you would like to eat; after this time you will be able to order your meal from individual printed menu cards; this is done 24 hours in advance.

A hot drink is usually served at each meal time, mid morning and evening.

Water is available at all times.


Ward phone numbers:

  • 01793 607184
  • 01793 605160

Patients, families and their carers have access to a dedicated phone line on each ward for direct communication; the phone can be taken to the patient's bedside - please ask a member of staff for details.

We ask that one member of the family conveys information to other family members, to avoid several calls to the ward.