Hearing assessment and rehabilitation

The department provides a comprehensive diagnostic assessment.

We take a holistic approach to address your hearing difficulties and communication needs and provide:

  • Communication strategies
  • Information on assistive listening devices
  • Top of the range NHS hearing aids
  • High quality follow-up care

We work closely with the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) team.

To be referred for a hearing assessment, please ask your GP or hospital doctor for more information.

We offer clinics at:

  • The Great Western Hospital in Swindon
  • Savernake Hospital in Marlborough
  • Fairford Hospital
  • Malmesbury Primary Care Centre

Current patients are able to re-refer themselves for reassessments by contacting the department.

Home visit service

The department offers a home visit service for patients who are totally housebound and unable to attend the Audiology Department.

A referral from your GP is required to confirm eligibility for this service. 

Tinnitus service

The tinnitus team offer modern therapeutic approaches for patients with troublesome tinnitus.

We offer a range of treatments including sound therapy, relaxation therapy, sleep management, counselling, combination devices and hearing aids.

We take a holistic approach which addresses the needs of the individual and the cause of the tinnitus.

To be referred to our tinnitus service, ask your GP, audiologist or hospital doctor for more information. 

Balance clinics

We provide vestibular assessments, counselling and rehabilitation for patients who have dizziness or imbalance.

The therapy prescribed depends on the diagnosis and needs of the individual.

We are happy to accept new patient referrals from hospital medical staff so speak to your hospital doctor for more information.

Swindon Lip Reading Group

The group meets on the last Tuesday of each month, 1.45pm-3.15pm, at:

The Community Room
Tesco Extra
Ocotal Way

Assistive listening devices

These can be used to improve listening ability.

They can be useful in a variety of situations, including speech understanding, television, telephone conversations, and alerting devices.

They can be purchased through a variety of sources.

Please ask your audiologist if you would like more information. 


If you require hospital transport to attend appointments please phone  E-zec Medical Transport Services Ltd and they will check your eligibility for this service:

Tel: 0300 777 5577

Further information

Please see: