We will do everything we can so you can leave hospital as soon as you no longer need our care.

We will start planning as soon as you arrive

  • We will let you know when we think you will be well enough to leave
  • We will talk to you and your family, friends or carers about assessments, care or help you may need after you leave our care. This could be moving to a community hospital or care home or help in your own home.

What you should do

  • Let us know if you have a family member, friend or carer we can talk to about your care. Please let us know if there isn't anyone available.
  • Follow all advice from your doctors, nurses and therapists
  • Speak up if you have any questions or concerns at any point during your care

On the day you leave

  • We aim to discharge all patients who no longer need our hospital care by midday
  • We will move you to the Discharge Lounge, where you will wait before leaving hospital
  • You may be given medication to take away in a green bag
  • We will show you how to use any equipment you may need
  • We will send your GP a summary of your care with us

Further information

The above information is available in a downloadable leaflet (pictured above): Leaving Hospital leaflet.

What family, friends and carers can do to help

  • Make arrangements to be available for when you need to leave hospital
  • Make your home comfortable for your return
  • Arrange help around the home
  • Arrange transport, clothes and shoes to leave hospital in
  • Put the heating on if needed
  • Stock your home with food and any medicine you might need
  • Make sure you have keys to get in