The staff looking after you will help you plan for when you are ready to leave the hospital (your 'discharge').

They might ask you about your home - e.g. how many stairs you have to climb and whether you have relatives or friends who will be able to support you during your recovery.

They will also ask you about any help or support which you currently receive from social services, community health professionals (e.g. district nurses) and carers, and they will arrange any referrals for you.

The Great Western Hospital (GWH) has a Discharge Lounge, where you can stay in a pleasant atmosphere between leaving the ward and leaving the hospital.

A nurse and a nursing auxiliary are on hand to provide support and help with any difficulties you might have.

They can also help explain medications to you, a family member or your carer as required.

They can provide refreshments and packed lunches for patients in the Lounge over lunchtime.

If you need a certificate to claim sickness benefit, please let your Nurse or Ward Administrator know before leaving the ward if possible.


Great Western Hospital - ground floor, in the Betjeman Centre (please see Floor plan).

Opening times

Day Times
Monday-Friday 8.00am-6.00pm
Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays Closed


Tel: 01793 607286