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There’s No Place Like Home: helping patients leave hospital as soon as they're well enough

Health and care organisations in Swindon are working together to raise awareness of the benefits of patients recovering at home, as soon as they are well enough to leave hospital.

'There’s No Place Like Home' promotes the benefits of recovering at home to patients and their families.

Being in hospital during a period of serious illness is the right place to be.

However, there’s lots of evidence to show that once the critical phase of the illness is over, hospital is not the best place for recovery and rehabilitation. This is because surroundings are unfamiliar, mobility is more limited and good sleep often less easy to come by.

Why there really is no place like home

Physical strength: If you stay in bed for long periods you lose mobility, fitness and muscle strength. This makes it harder for you to regain your independence. Getting up, dressed and moving helps maintain muscle strength and your ability to do things for yourself.

Rest: Good sleep is essential for a long and healthy life but it’s even more important when you're recovering from an injury or illness. Hospitals are busy places, often with patients and staff coming and going throughout the night and many patients struggle to get a good night’s sleep which can lead to sleep deprivation. There’s no bed like your own bed when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

Mental wellbeing: Being in familiar surroundings with support from your friends and families is one of the best things for mental wellbeing. Hospitals are unfamiliar and can be very confusing, which increases your risk of developing delirium (sudden confusion).

Infection: When you're unwell you're often less resistant to infections. We do everything we can to prevent you from developing an infection but the risk is usually lower at home where there are fewer unwell people under one roof.

For more information visit our Leaving Hospital pages.

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