Being a Member of the Great Western Hospital NHS Trust provides you with the opportunity to influence how the hospital is run and the services that we offer to our patients.

Through the Council of Governors, our Members are given a greater say in the development of the hospital and can have a direct influence in the development of services within the hospital.

We are keen to encourage anyone aged 16 and above to support the hospital by becoming a member. Membership is completely free and it is up to you how involved you would like to be.


As a member, you will be invited to a variety of events, where you will get to meet your Governors and various members of staff, and learn about what the Trust does, and its plans for the future.

For full details please see Members.


Members' views and interests are represented by the Council of Governors, who are a group of elected and nominated people.

They challenge the Trust Board on their decisions, to ensure that it provides the best service possible.

For full details please see Governors.


The Membership Office
Great Western Hospital

Tel: 01793 605395