Many Rheumatology patients are treated with Disease Modifying Anti- Rheumatic Drugs (DMARDs).

These are slow acting drugs which settle the underlying immune process, slow disease progression, and reduce pain, swelling and stiffness.

DMARDs are taken alone or in combination.

The most commonly used DMARDs are:

While you are taking these drugs you will need regular blood tests to monitor the function of your blood cells, liver and kidneys.

The monitoring regime varies with each DMARD. 

DAWN blood monitoring and prescribing system

The Rheumatology Department monitor blood test results using the DAWN medicines monitoring computer system.

This system is set up to highlight any changes in your blood tests.

We also use this system to provide patients with repeat prescriptions and blood test forms.  

  • If your GP is not in Swindon, Hungerford or Lambourn, then blood monitoring and medication prescribing will be carried out by your local GP surgery.
  • If your GP is in Swindon or West Berkshire, monitoring is carried out by the Rheumatology department using the DAWN computer system.

This system highlights abnormalities in your blood test results.

Results are checked daily and you will be contacted if a problem is highlighted.

You will be contacted by phone or letter and usually asked to arrange a repeat blood test, or temporarily stop your DMARD treatment.

For more information please see the DAWN Blood Monitoring and Prescription Service leaflet.

Repeat prescriptions

You can request your repeat prescriptions and blood forms by email, phone or post:

Telephone answer-machine

Please phone the DAWN Prescription Line 01793 604204 for a repeat prescription of your medication and to request blood forms.

Please leave a clear message which includes your name, hospital number and the medication you need, including the dose.




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