Research is an integral part of NHS activity and is essential for finding new and better ways of preventing, diagnosing and treating illness.

The Research and Innovation Team's role is to enable clinicians to perform research safely, ethically and efficiently.

This in turn allows them to focus on the care of their patients and the quality of the data they collect. 

Our priorities are:

  • To support clinicians to perform high quality research
  • To promote research both internally and externally
  • To deliver research governance to protect the interests of participants, researchers and the Trust
  • To provide advice and guidance to researchers at all stages of their research
  • To facilitate access to research training
  • To circulate research findings

Involvement in research brings a number of benefits to the Trust:

  • Early access to new interventions
  • Improvement to treatments, interventions and patient care
  • Opportunities for staff development
  • Income generation

On these pages you will find more information about research and what to expect if you are able to participate as a patient, researcher or other healthcare professional.

The Trust's Research Strategy document is currently being developed and will be available to view via this website in the near future.

Further information/contact

Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about participating in research at the Trust.

Tel: 01793 605152