The TKR class is a circuit based class aimed to improve range of movement, strength, flexibility, balance and function following a partial or total knee replacement.

Class times

At the Great Western Hospital

  • Monday, 12.15pm-1.30pm
  • Thursday, 12.15pm-1.30pm

Location: Physiotherapy Department, South Car Park, Great Western Hospital 

At West Swindon Health Centre

  • Monday, 10.45am-11.45am

Location: please see Service locations listing and map.


After your operation, you will be seen by a physiotherapist on the ward.

If you are struggling to bend or straighten the knee, or if you have reduced strength, the ward physiotherapist will refer you either straight into the class, or you will have a one-off appointment to assess your needs.

The consultant may also refer you to the class once you have been reviewed after your operation

What to expect

You will attend the class once a week, for up to eight weeks

The class is led by a physiotherapist and rehabilitation assistant.

On your first session you will complete an Oxford Knee Score which is a questionnaire to assess your function; this will also be completed on your last session to assess the improvement.

If you are still struggling after the eight weeks, you can be referred to see a physiotherapist on a one-to-one basis.

Looking after your new knee


Swelling is common after a TKR, and can last for months after the operation.

To help reduce the swelling, you should rest the knee in a straightened position for approximately 15-20 minutes.

Applying something cold to the knee can also help to reduce swelling.

You should protect your skin by placing the cold pack in a tea towel or pillow case.


To aid your rehabilitation, your pain needs to be well controlled.

Pain following the operation can last months.

Please carry on taking your pain medication regularly, and if you are still suffering from high levels of pain please seek advice from your GP.


Numbness can occur following the operation, especially on the side of the knee.

This should ease other time; if it doesn't, or you are worried by this, please consult your GP.


You should continue to exercise outside of the class in order to get the best results following your operation.

This will further help to strengthen your muscles and regain range of movement.

You may be referred into a Community-based exercise programme following the class, to maintain your improvements.

This is a video containing advice and exercises following your Total or Uni knee replacement:

If you have any concerns please contact the Physiotherapy Department


Physiotherapy Department, Great Western Hospital

Please contact the Physiotherapy Department

West Swindon Health Centre

Tel: 01793 605093 or 01793 605094