Patients are referred to the Orthotic Department via their GP to a consultant.

Referrals can relate to a wide variety of conditions.

The Department works closely with other services within the hospital, including:

When we receive a referral, you will be  sent a confirmation letter of the date and time of your appointment.

The Orthotic Department work with our service provider Chas A Blatchford from Sheffield and they provide Orthotists who attend the clinics to see patients.

They will provide a fully comprehensive assessment, measuring and fitting service and discuss the patients needs.

An Orthotist is a clinician who will assess and prescribe orthoses to accommodate or maintain good positioning of bones and joints by helping to rest, protect or support you.

An Orthosis will assist in reahabilitation and other treatments providing support, stability or protection to any part of the body.

Your first appointment

At the initial appointment, the Orthotist assesses you, discusses your condition and decides on the most appropriate device.

Simple devices may be prescribed at the first appointment or measurements may be taken, if a device has to be tailor made.

If necessary, follow-up appointments may be booked to fit or review the prescribed device(s).

Further information

Please see FAQ.