If it is your first visit to our department then please report to the Eye Clinic reception.

Please bring with you any glasses you use, and any medication you are taking. 

You will be examined by an orthoptist, who will explain your or your child's condition and any treatment that may be necessary.

They may also arrange further consultation and/or test(s), which may be carried out by a consultant ophthalmologist or an optician.

You or your child may be booked into a specific clinic where there are two appointments.

The second appointment may be with an optometrist or the consultant ophthalmologist.

If you receive two appointments it's important that you attend both.

Eye drops used in children's clinics

Drops may be necessary in order for the ophthalmologist or optician to examine a child's eyes more fully.

These drops will relax the focusing muscles in the eyes and dilate (widen) the pupils and may take up to 40 minutes to work.

These drops will cause blurriness for near sight and sensitivity to light, which may last up to 24 hours, so please bring a sun hat or sunglasses for them to wear after the examination.

Children are usually fine to return to school and parents should inform the teacher that their child's eyes may be temporarily blurred for close work and sensitive to bright light.

Further information

Please see FAQ.