About NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC)

The National Framework for NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC) and Funded Nursing Care (FNC) is a legal framework of principles and processes.

Within this framework there is guidance on the core values and principles of the assessment process, consideration of eligibility and the identification of 'Primary Health' need, case management, review process and governance.

What we do

Wiltshire Community Health Services (WCHS) is responsible for the ongoing care of those who have been found eligible for NHS CHC funding.

This includes those that have been identified via the 'Fast Track Pathway' as having a rapidly deteriorating condition.

This involves looking at the total needs and care requirements of an individual and how these needs are being met.

Reviews and case management take place within an individual's own home or care home and are carried out by the Neighbourhood Teams (NT) or Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD).

Reviews are carried out at intervals, involving the individual and their families.

Funded Nursing Care (FNC) can apply to those who are resident in Care Homes with Nursing.

If the person is shown to need a Registered Nurse, they can also be entitled to an NHS funding contribution.

Registered Nurses from NTs carry out FNC determinations and complete CHC checklists to identify those who should be considered for funding and have a full CHC assessment.

WCHS works closely with the NHS Wiltshire Continuing Health Care team, based in Devizes, who are responsible for completing checklists of those not in a Nursing Home, before handing over to WCHS.