Access the online catalogue

Please see also Using the SWIMS catalogue.

Top tips

  • You will need to restrict the search to 'Swindon/Great Western Hospital/WO1' in the 'Just in these libraries' box for items available in this library only.
  • To restrict the search to Great Western Hospital, click on 'Advanced search'.
    Enter your search term, then click 'Restrict by location'.
    Scroll down and select Swindon, Great Western Hospital, W01 and click 'Search'.
  • If you do not restrict the search and you wish to obtain a book held elsewhere, please complete the book request form and submit your request to staff.
  • You may reserve a book if it is already out on loan - please contact the Library.
  • Some e-books are available through resources such as Clinical Key - for more information, please see Databases