A variety of endoscopic procedures are carried out within the unit including:

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic gastroscopy (for looking inside the gullet and stomach)
  • Colonoscopy (for looking inside the colon)
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy (for looking inside the bowel)
  • Bronchoscopy (looking inside airways and lungs)
  • ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography)

We also perform colonoscopies for the National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme (BCSP) which aims to detect the early signs of bowel cancer.

What you can expect

An endoscopy is a procedure where the inside of your body is examined internally using an endoscope.

The procedure is often undertaken while a person is awake and a sedative (medication that has a calming effect) may be given to help the patient relax.

The endoscope itself is a flexible tube with a video chip on the end which allows a live video image to be seen on a screen.

Endoscopes can be inserted into the body through your throat or anus, or through a small incision (cut) made in the skin.


Great Western Hospital - Day Services Unit - First Floor (please see Floor plan).

Opening times

Day Times
Monday-Friday 8.00am-6.00pm
Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays Closed

Coming for an endoscopy

Special measures have been introduced to ensure the safety of our patients and our staff during endoscopy procedures.

Please watch this video, which has been created by the Thames Valley Cancer Alliance, which will show the process when you attend for your procedure:


For general enquiries or to speak to someone at reception:

Tel: 01793 604127

For queries about your admission to hospital for a procedure or bookings:

Tel: 01793 605454