An exercise tolerance test is an ECG (electrocardiogram) that is recorded while you are walking on a treadmill or cycling on a static bike.

It can be used to help detect any changes in how your heart works while you are exerting yourself and your heart is working harder.

An exercise test may be required by some organisations such as the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) and UK Civil Aviation Authority to assess fitness to drive or fly.

We advise people to wear flat, sensible shoes that stay securely on your feet, such as trainers, for the test.

You will not be able to wear shoes such as flip flops as they do not provide enough protection for your feet.

Any requirements (e.g. stopping certain medications prior to the test) will be specified in your appointment letter.

You will receive a letter or telephone call informing you what time you should attend the department. 

Further information

British Heart Foundation: Your guide to an exercise ECG (stress test), heart disease test

Please see the British Heart Foundation website: Exercise ECG