What to do if you get a shock

If you have a single shock and you feel well, please phone us on 01793 604257 so we can discuss the event.

If you have more than one shock or feel unwell, please phone 999.

The ICD support group is designed to assist patients with implantable defibrillators (ICD) and their families.

Coming to terms with a heart condition requiring implantation of a defibrillator involves a period of adjustment for the individual and family.

Our ICD support Group was formed to provide help and support for our patients with the following aims. The support group aims are:

  • To provide a place for all ICD patients, carers, families and friends to discuss their concerns and problems and share experiences.
  • To guide patients towards a support network that will enable them to access information and advice.
  • To provide literature and information on all topics which are relevant to ICD patients.

Support Group meetings

Meetings are currently suspended due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

When these are reinstated, we will send letters to all of our ICD patients to invite them to attend upcoming ICD support group meetings. 

These comprise a variety of educational talks by medical professionals and industry representatives as well as question and answer sessions.

The event is usually supported by one of our pacemaker companies, who kindly provide refreshments and educational material.

The breaks in between talks are designed for our patients to meet each other, swap stories, browse our leaflet stands and ask the members of the team any questions they may have. 

The ICD Support Group is run by a handful of Cardiac Physiologists who also attend the meeting.

We also involve one of our cardiology consultants and various Industry representatives. 


Device queries

The Pacing Clinic
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As we are a busy clinic, the phone may divert to our answering machine, so please leave:

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Appointment queries

The Pacing Clinic
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