The Macmillan Personalised Care team are here to support people to live well with and beyond cancer using a range of tools and opportunities that can enhance recovery and improve ability to ‘tackle tomorrow’. 

Our team focuses on patients’ mental and physical health and wellbeing needs, ranging from emotional and psychological support to pre-habilitation and rehabilitation.

Available Services 

  • 1:1 Clinics 
  • 5Kyourway
  • CANbe Exercise Classes
  • Cancer Buddies
  • Prehabilitation & Rehabilitation
  • Self-management & Education
  • Virtual Workshops

For more information, ask your Macmillan nurse about any of our services. 


Please download the referral form.

Tel: 01793 607819

Macmillan Support

For full details please see the Macmillan Cancer Support website

Personalised cancer care leaflet: A quality improvement toolkit for primary care

Please see also Macmillan Cancer Support > Macmillan/Swindon CAB Benefits Advice Service