The Betjeman Centre is part of the Department of Older Persons' Services.

The centre runs specialist medical clinics in movement disorder (including Parkinson's Disease), stroke and TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack), falls, and general medical clinics.

Although we predominantly see older people, we also see adults of all ages, in any of our clinics.

What to expect

When you arrive for a clinic, a member of the nursing team will measure your weight and take your blood pressure while you are waiting for your consultation.                           

After your consultation you may have further diagnostic tests, some of which can be done within the department at that time, but we may need to arrange further appointments for specific tests within our department or another department within the hospital at a later date.

You may have another appointment with the clinician at a later date or you may simply be discharged back to the care of your GP.


The Betjeman Centre is located on the ground floor of the Great Western Hospital, at the North Entrance. Please see Floor plans. 


Tel: 01793 604068.