Anticoagulation is the medical word for the prevention of the clotting of blood.

The  Anticoagulant Service:

  • Manages patients on warfarin via postal clinics
  • Monitors inpatients (patients staying in the hospital) on warfarin to ensure a smooth transition between care at hospital and in the community
  • Provides a telephone advisory line for patients, GPs and healthcare professionals
  • Runs daily clinics to start new patients on warfarin including an outpatient Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) service
  • Provides a full counselling service to all patients commenced on warfarin

What to expect

Starting warfarin as an inpatient

If your warfarin has been started as an inpatient we will see you before you go home to give you all the information about warfarin and make arrangements for your blood tests to be done after you go home.

Again this could be at our hospital clinic, at your GP surgery or at home by a Community Nurse.

We communicate blood test results with a specifically designed printed sheet and in many cases with a phone call as well on the same day of your blood test.

This is one reason why warfarin should be taken in the evening ideally after 6.00pm so that we have time to contact you before you have taken your daily dose of warfarin. 

Starting warfarin as an outpatient

If you are referred as a new outpatient to start warfarin you should expect to receive an outpatient appointment date within one-two weeks depending on whether you need pre-appointment blood tests.

At your appointment, which should take around 30 minutes, we will give you information booklets about warfarin and explain in detail what warfarin therapy entails.

You may need a finger prick blood test during this appointment too which is performed by the same Nurse at your consultation.

Your dose of warfarin will then be decided and your next appointment arranged.

This could be back at the hospital clinic, at your GP surgery with your Practice Nurse or at home by a Community Nurse.

We will fax information to your GP to inform them exactly what we have arranged for you. 


Our morning outpatient clinic operates from 9.00am to 1.00pm on an appointment system.

You can make an appointment by sending in a completed referral form by post, by fax or by phoning the office on:

  • Tel: 01793 604051
  • Fax: 01793 604297
  • by post to:

    The Anticoagulation Service
    The Great Western Hospital
    Marlborough Road
    SN3 6BB

Further information

Please see NHS website: Medicines: Warfarin