Voluntary Services

Voluntary Services logo 175Volunteering at the Trust is inspiring, fulfilling and worthwhile.

Volunteers make a real difference to the experience of our patients and visitors by helping in some of the following ways:

  • Supporting patients with practical tasks. This could be making mealtimes more sociable, helping patients to keep moving, listening to experiences, helping people to speak up or by providing social interaction.
  • Helping visitors by providing a warm welcome, giving directions and assistance with finding their way around the hospital, and by providing or signposting to further information.
  • Supporting our staff by helping with occasional administrative tasks, or making sure information for patients is readily available.

The importance of volunteering

This infographic shows the most recent statistics about our amazing volunteer workforce.

Voluntary Services infographic 2019

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How to apply

When we have open volunteering opportunities, you will be able to apply within the Trust's section of the NHS Jobs website (www.jobs.nhs.uk/extsearch?client_id=120810), where they are all listed.

We have recently been experiencing a high volume of interest in voluntary work and are working through a backlog at the moment, so our next recruitment will likely be open from the beginning of February.

Further information/contact

Tel: 01793 605247
Email: gwh.voluntary.services@nhs.net

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