The Trust has two Learning Disability Nurses who are available to support staff in treating inpatients and outpatients who have learning disabilities, including autism.

Often, patients with learning disabilities need additional support from a specialist trained member of staff.

The Learning Disability Nurses key goals are to improve inpatient and outpatient hospital experiences for people with learning disability and/or autism, and to look at complex care pathways for individuals requiring multiple investigations simultaneously.

Health inequalities within the learning disability population still remain hugely problematic, with the average life expectancy reduced by 27 years for females and 23 years for males, in comparison to the general population.

Our nurses will be on hand to provide training for staff, reassure patients during their time in hospital or work with staff and patients on bespoke care pathways that meet the patients’ additional needs.

Tel: 07766923647

My Health in Hospital

We use a form called My Health in Hospital (pictured, right).

You can use it to tell us about things you like or dislike, and anything which you might need when you visit us.

Our staff will use it to plan your care when you're in the hospital.

The form also includes other information, including how to contact us: My Health in Hospital.

Help at appointments

We know that some people get worried or anxious about visiting the doctors or hospital.

We can make special arrangements to help (for example with longer appointments).

Please contact the ward or department to discuss your needs.

Please see also Outpatient Welcome Liaison Service (OWLS).

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