The hospital chaplaincy is here for everyone - patients, relatives and staff - whether you describe yourself as 'religious' or not.

A chaplain is someone who can listen to you, offer you support, pray with you and help you make contact with a minister of your own faith.

The central room of the Chaplaincy is set aside for you to come and be quiet, whatever your philosophy of life, whatever your religion.

It is a space for peace, contemplation and affirmation.


Fundamental to the Chaplaincy are the principles that:

  • Every person has physical, psychological and spiritual needs.
    The Trust is committed to holistic care - this means "promoting physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being".
  • Every individual expresses spiritual needs in their own unique way.
    The Chaplains work flexibly to give sensitive spiritual and pastoral care.
  • Respect for an individual's spiritual needs - including their religious beliefs - is always important.
    Spiritual care has to be delivered in a way which is even-handed and appropriate, to everyone - patients, staff and relatives.
  • The Chaplaincy is committed to help people who desire to find continuing support from spiritual or secular agencies in the community after they leave hospital. 


First floor, Great Western Hospital


Tel: 01793 604288

If you require the help of a hospital chaplain at any time (including bank holidays and out of hours):

Tel: 01793 604020 and ask for the 'On-Call Chaplain'

The Chaplaincy Centre
The Great Western Hospital
Marlborough Road