Call for Concern© (C4C) is a patient safety service run by our Critical Care Outreach team, available on 01793 604534.

The service enables patients, families, friends, or carers to call for urgent help and advice if they are concerned that a patient’s deteriorating condition is not being adequately recognised by their health care team.

Call the Critical Care Outreach team on 01793 604534 if:

  • there is a significant change in the patient’s condition and, after discussion with the health care team, concerns have not been addressed
  • it is not clear what the plan is for the patient following a discussion with the health care team.

What happens next?

The Critical Care Outreach team may provide advice over the phone or, depending on the issue, they will visit the ward to discuss your concerns further.

When not to use Call 4 Concern©

Call for Concern© is a patient safety service.

The service should not be used to report general problems regarding a patient’s care, for example, issues with the hospital bed, room, food, parking etc.

Click here to find our alternative methods to raise a concern, or provide your feedback.