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We have your back - Patients with spinal injuries help design new patient care passport

Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is pleased to be making a new patient care passport available for patients with non-acute spinal cord injuries.

Designed as part of a co-production project between patients and staff at the Trust, this document will be available for patients with spinal cord injuries whenever they attend the hospital.

The passport will help patients detail specific care requirements relating to their personal circumstances and will help staff to ensure that they are meeting their needs.

Available on our website, the passport is intended to help patients throughout any treatment they have, related to their injury or otherwise.

John, who is a patient who was involved in the project, said:

It’s important that we have patients with spinal cord injuries to work with us to develop this passport and have more information for the staff within the Trust.

This will prevent any injury or harm to any potential patient that comes into our care. This is a message that needs to be shared with everybody because it could save somebody's life.”

Tania Currie, Head of Patient Experience and Engagement, said:

“We are pleased to have been working with patients on this new passport. It will help our patients through their treatment journey and ensure that our clinicians are able to meet each of their individual needs. Thank you to all our patients who supported us through this work. My message to all patients who have spinal cord injuries would be to let them know: we have your back.”

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