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Growing our Staff Networks

We are celebrating the National Day for Staff Networks (Wednesday 10 May) by shining a light on the Trust’s growing staff networks.

This year's theme is #StayingStrong to remind staff that standing together as allies equals power, as we continue #MakingWorkBetter across the NHS.

We are committed to creating a fairer and more diverse NHS for everyone and one of the ways we are working hard to achieve this is through our staff networks.

Our staff networks include a Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Network, a Differently Abled Network, our LGBTQ+ Network and our Women’s Network.

We also have networks which focus on issues outside of the characteristics protected by the Equality Act 2010, including an Armed Forces Network and a Carers Network.

All our networks meet regularly and welcome all staff, regardless of characteristics or lived experience.

Our networks are safe, supportive and professional spaces, offering staff an opportunity to connect with others, make friends, share experiences, challenge organisational practices and influence policy.

The Trust Board works closely with the networks and members are regularly invited to share their experiences.

There’s lots of positive work taking place across our networks, with recent developments including a neurodiversity toolkit and a health passport to help managers better support their teams, new guidance for caring for trans patients and workplace adjustments as a direct result of staff feedback.

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