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Welldoctor Project excels in supporting medical workforce

Across the Trust, we support junior doctors every year who advance their study and a team at GWH have created a package of wellbeing support designed specifically for our medical workforce, providing them with additional resources and guidance to support their development and their physical and psychological health.
Run by doctors, for doctors, the project focuses on all aspects of life in the NHS; from overnight rest spaces, to out of hours food, mental health and exercise to how we interact with our colleagues.
By making proactive and practical changes to the way we live and work, the team are improving the day to day working lives of junior doctors and have found along the way that many of their Welldoctor Projects have beneficial impact on the wider Trust workforce as well.
Some of the positive improvements already introduced include new overnight rest spaces for doctors on night shifts, yoga and meditation videos, a breastfeeding space for staff returning to work, virtual supervision sessions for training doctors, work to move to digital documentation and SOS (sanitary provision on site) boxes that are now available in all staff toilets, equipped with a variety of sanitary products.
A huge well done to the team for driving forwards instrumental change which is improving the working life of hundreds of staff.

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