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Getting your COVID-19 vaccination

Our COVID-19 vaccination clinics have now reopened to the public and we want to encourage you take up the offer of the COVID-19 vaccine if you haven't had your jab yet. 

To book either a first dose, second dose or booster, please visit or contact 119 to find out when and where your soonest appointment is.

There are also vaccination clinics running across the community in Swindon and Wiltshire, including through some GP practices and at the Steam Museum.

Why is getting the vaccine so important?

We are currently treating COVID-19 patients aged 16 to 96 – and many of them do not have any other illnesses or underlying health problems, meaning they are in hospital solely due to COVID-19.

Treatment for COVID-19 can be very intense and invasive, with lots of patients requiring oxygen support or even ventilation as the virus can impact on lung function, making it hard for a patient to breathe.

The science shows that having the vaccine can significantly decrease your risk of becoming unwell with COVID-19 and needing hospital treatment.

The vaccine saves lives, and getting jabbed will offer greater protection to not only yourself, but those around you. 

To give yourself the best protection against the new, rapidly-spreading Omicron you need to get your vaccine.

It’s also really important that you take up the offer of the booster jab as soon as you are able. It’s vital to stay on top of the vaccine so that you build up enough protection from the virus.

Further information

If you’re not sure about having the vaccine, you can find out how it can protect you and your loved ones by visiting

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