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Hospital re-route

Soon, construction work will commence on the current Clover unit on site at the Great Western Hospital.

It will be demolished, and a new, permanent Urgent Treatment Centre built in its place.

Whilst this construction work is underway, the hospital site is being re-routed, with a road closure in place for a period of six months.

From Friday 23 April, the stretch of Coatside Way, nearest the Clover building, from the Emergency Department car park to the junction by the new Pharmacy, will be closed.

Accessing the main Atrium entrance

All traffic driving towards the main Atrium entrance, or north and west car parks, will continue to travel the same direction around the site, taking the second exit at the first roundabout off Marlborough Road, and following signs for the main entrance.

This will include all patients, visitors and those dropping or collecting from the main Atrium.

This also includes anybody needing access to the Little Pioneers Nursery or Commonhead Offices and the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic.

Please note that the hospital's west entrance will be closed during the construction work.

Changes to bus routes

The bus stops currently located outside the main Atrium will remain operational during the construction works.

Buses 1 and 1A usually take a left turn at the junction located after the drop-off zone outside the main entrance, but will be unable to do so whilst the road is closed.

This means that the bus stops located outside the Brunel Treatment Centre and opposite the pond/SwICC will not be in use for this time. 

Accessing the Emergency Department, Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC) or Covid Assessment Unit (CAU)

Patients and visitors needing the Emergency Department, Urgent Treatment Centre or COVID-19 Assessment Unit will take the first exit at the roundabout onto Waterside Way so they can head towards the urgent and emergency care departments via Downs Way.

Please be aware of ambulances moving around the hospital site, and make sure you are not blocking access points.

There is currently a pay and display ticket machine in the Emergency Department (ED) car park.

You must display a valid ticket in your car for the duration of your stay. 

Changes to bus lane

The bus lane currently leading off Waterside Way roundabout towards Marlborough Road will become an all vehicle lane, so as to avoid queues of vehicles needing to make a U-turn opposite the Commonhead offices, to exit the site towards Swindon.

The new all-vehicle lane will have priority over vehicles traveling down from Coatside Way. 

Further information

All new routes around the hospital site will be signposted from 23 April so vehicles will be clearly instructed which direction to travel in.

Please see also  Pre-operative and Urgent Care Centre to move to new locations.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please email

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