Volunteering at the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is inspiring, fulfilling and worthwhile. Volunteers make a real difference to the experience of our patients and visitors by helping in some of the following ways:

Supporting patients with practical tasks, such as making mealtimes more sociable, helping patients to keep moving, listening to experiences, helping people to speak up or by providing social interaction.

Helping visitors by providing a warm welcome, giving directions and assistance with finding their way around the hospital and by providing or signposting to further information.

Supporting our staff by helping with occasional administrative tasks or making sure information for patients is readily available.

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How to Apply to Volunteer

Anyone wishing to volunteer with us will need to complete an online application.

We are currently recruiting for Active Responder Volunteers* - to apply for this role please click the following link: Volunteer Application

Please note that our application adverts are published and then expire after every two weeks so if this link does not work, please try it again in a couple of days.

*Active Responder Volunteers are not unlike our ‘regular’ Volunteers though instead of being placed in a particular ward or area, Active Responder Volunteers commit to specific days and times and are placed per the needs of the hospital for the duration of their chosen shift.

The rota for our Active Responder Volunteers on each day of the week is separated into five shifts, each shift is for three hours:

7am to 10am, 10am to 1pm, 1pm to 4pm, 4pm to 7pm, and 7pm to 10pm

We ask only that our Active Responder Volunteers commit to one shift per week.

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