We are integrating health, social and voluntary care in Swindon and beyond.

As an integrated healthcare provider, we provide healthcare in hospital, in patients’ homes and in health centres in the Swindon community.

We are known for treating illness in hospital, but we also play a key role in keeping people well in the community.

Our hospital and community teams work together to help people to manage long-term conditions, so that they can stay well and live independently in their own homes.

As an integrated healthcare provider, we also work in partnership with other health, social and voluntary care organisations. This includes GP surgeries, pharmacies and care homes, as well as charities like Prospect Hospice, Macmillan, Red Cross, and local advocacy groups.

Click on the below stories, or watch one of our videos to see how teams at the Great Western Hospital and in the Swindon community work together, alongside colleagues from other health, social and voluntary care organisations, to provide a joined-up experience for patients.

Supporting South Asian women through menopause Coordination centre Custom wheelchairs for the Swindon community End of Life Care in the community

Group exercise for care home residents Hospital@Home Lung Health Checks in the Swindon community Working with small local charities