As a foundation trust, we are regulated by NHS England - the independent regulator of foundation trusts in England.

They oversee and monitor the Trust against our terms of authorisation, looking at quality and financial matters.

NHS England is accountable to Parliament and has intervening powers, to ensure that the Trust does not act outside of our Terms of Authorisation.

Self Certification

NHS providers are required to complete self-certifications for publication  which provides assurance that providers are compliant with the conditions of their NHS provider licence. Compliance with the licence is routinely monitored through the Single Oversight Framework but, on an annual basis, the licence requires NHS providers to self-certify as to whether they have:

  1. Condition G6 - effective systems to ensure compliance with the conditions of the NHS provider licence, NHS legislation and the duty to have regard to the NHS Constitution;
  2. Condition FT4 - complied with governance arrangements; and
  3. Condition CoS7 - for NHS foundation trusts only, the required resources available if providing commissioner requested services (CRS).

Self Certification - FT4 - 2022/23 (Signed)

Self Certification - G6 & CoS7 - 2022/23 (Signed)

Self Certification - FT4, G6 & CoS7 - May 22 (Signed)

Self Certification - FT4 - May 2021 (Signed)

Self Certification - G6 & CoS7 - May 2021 (Signed)