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Students who are already set on pursuing a career in healthcare can benefit from our innovative, hands-on Dare To... workshops that take place at the Great Western Hospital each summer. 

Dare to Doctor, Dare to Nurse and Dare to Deliver give young people a glimpse into what a career as a doctor, nurse or midwife is really like before starting their university studies. 

Each workshop sees students get to grips with clinical procedures and techniques in the Great Western Hospital's Simulation Suite, while also shadowing real healthcare staff and attending question-and-answer sessions with senior clinicians. 

There are also sessions which give advice on how to apply for university and mastering the admission interview.

Get involved

The Dare To... workshopsare designed for students aged 17 and over, who have at least six A* grades (including maths and science) at GCSE and a further three A* grades (including maths and science) at AS level.

Students usually receive an invitation to take part from their school or college, although anyone can register their interest by calling the Recruitment Team on 01793 605482 or emailing them at gwh.recruitment@nhs.net.

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