Sue, Breast Care Nurse Specialist

Sue - life story 184x260I used to commute to Oxford, so now the commute is generally less stressful, and that is a bonus.

I've also developed in my role, professionally getting more involved.

It's so rewarding supporting patients through their treatment and then receiving great feedback on their care.

Today, I saw a lady on the ward and she told me it had made her day as I stuck to my promise of being there for her - that consistency of care made a real difference.

So, I will go home tonight and feel a lot better and know I've done something that mattered.

Here, I think, because it's a slightly smaller hospital than Oxford, you feel closer to everyone - you walk down the corridor and make eye contact with people, whereas you get lost in a bigger hospital.

There is a family feel here and you're easily recognised.

That said, we are increasingly being recognised in our own right for delivering specialist services that you might think you'd need to go to a bigger hospital for.

Smaller doesn't necessarily mean fewer services, it means better accessibility for the general public in this area.

And for me, as I spend less time commuting, I now have more time at home, and more energy to do things after work, like exercise classes, spending time with my children and seeing my friends.

Great People. Great Place. Great Western Hospitals.

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