Stephanie, Staff Nurse, Children's Services

Stephanie - life story 184x260Working at GWH has allowed me, I suppose, to go back to being me.

After having 12 years away, bringing up my children, coming back to work has allowed me to be me again, and do what I loved doing.

I work 24 hours a week, so that's two long days, or a mix of shorter shifts, and that allows me to be with my kids as much as I want and need to be.

The shifts are flexible and the culture here is wonderful.

In fact, it was the experience of having my son treated here (he had been terribly poorly with pneumonia and spent time in SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit), that made me decide to return as I wanted to help other families in our situation and as a thank you to the staff!

I have done my high dependency course for children here and I hadn't had that opportunity before.

I did my specialist training and have worked with diabetic/oncology nurses, and have all-round wonderful, supportive colleagues.

Being able to help children find opportunities to change their lives is so fulfilling, and I have some patients who just stick in my mind for a long time after we see them; I wonder if I've stuck in their minds in the same way too?

Great People. Great Place. Great Western Hospitals.

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