Matt Bull - Finance Graduate

HR230x325I've been working at the Great Western Hospital since leaving university and it's exactly the job I was looking for. 

Despite studying finance, I knew I didn't want to end up working for a big company which only has one goal in life - to make as much money as possible. 

The NHS is all about helping people and, although I'm not actually walking the wards, I know that what I do each day supports those who are. 

And, unlike most jobs in finance, it gives me a real sense of satisfaction. 

There's always a great atmosphere in the office too and I've found the people here really have time for you, something which made my move to Wiltshire that much easier. 

Before taking this job, I'd never been to Swindon but I've been surprised at how vibrant a town it is. 

It's got everything a big city would have - great places to eat and drink, lots to see and do, fantastic employment opportunities and quick transport links to London, the South Coast and, my old stomping ground, the Midlands.

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