Lorna, Team Lead, Community Intermediate Care Team

Lorna - life story 184x260I'd moved to Swindon to do my training in the old Princess Margaret Hospital, and was actually involved with the building of the Great Western!

I was here the day that we moved and so feel really invested - it's been amazing to see how it's grown and it's still growing.

And I've grown in myself - I was unsure about working in the community after being a ward nurse for a long time so was given a secondment to make sure.

Most places, you'd have to leave and take the chance, but I was enabled to progress my career by doing that here.

What also helped was the flexibility around hours; I'm a single mother and without it, I don't think I'd have been able to work.

So, it's great to have been able to adjust my hours and meet the needs of the team, over the days that I could do.

Being a nurse is life-changing in many ways and now I support my team to change the lives of their patients and go out and do the best that they can.

Great People. Great Place. Great Western Hospitals.

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