Dr Stephen Haig - Emergency Department Consultant

Squad230x325I was in hospital several times as a child, so when it was time to start thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up, doctor was near the top of the list. 

In fact, it was the only word that was ever on the list. No other career ever appealed to me in quite the same way. 

I first came to the Great Western Hospital as a trainee registrar and, from day one, knew that there was something special about this place - both the staff and the patients helped make each day memorable. 

In fact, I enjoyed my time in Swindon so much that when I qualified as a consultant, there was never a question of going anywhere else. 

Not only are the team I work with an absolute joy - they're relentlessly positive in even the most testing situations - but the fact the hospital is located on the doorstep of the M4 means getting here from home in Bath is always quick and easy. 

Working in Swindon has given me everything I could've hoped for from my career and I'd encourage anyone thinking of joining us to grab the opportunity with both hands. 

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