Chris, Senior Charge Nurse for Head and Neck Services

Chris - life story 184x260I started here at Great Western in 2003 as a Band 2 Healthcare Assistant with a drive to help others.

I was inspired to qualify as a registered nurse, and since qualifying I've worked my way up to Senior Charge Nurse.

In Swindon we are a very good Trust for providing training - constantly looking for new ways to develop roles within different capacities and giving people the chance to achieve and gain qualifications in where they want to be.

As a Trust, we are really keen to encourage our nurses to become speciality nurses.

I'm very proud of the journey I've taken to get here today.

I want to be there for patients and continue to aspire to drive the quality of the care we provide forwards.

For example, recently we collaborated with Oxford University Hospitals to ensure that patients with head and neck cancers could have their follow-up consultations in Swindon, meaning they no longer have to travel an hour and a half each way.

I think The Great Western is a vibrant hospital to work in with some really motivated individuals who share similar principals and beliefs to them of mine.

I've also made a good group of friends outside of work.

I think that people don't quite understand that Swindon is very up and coming.

It's constantly striving to improve the culture, so you might be surprised that Swindon is really trying to put itself on the map as one of those places to live - it's a fantastic environment, very close-linked by transport to other big cities like Bath, Bristol, London and Reading.

The affordability of living in Swindon, in comparison to major cities, might be a driving point and I think people would be quite impressed.

Great People. Great Place. Great Western Hospitals.

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