Aroon Masih - Community Intermediate Care Charge Nurse

Nurse230x325There's a long running joke that nurses can find work wherever they go, but I'm proof that being able to move around in this job is more than just a punchline. 

I trained in London. It was great to be shown the ropes in a big city, especially somewhere like the capital where there's never a dull moment. 

It gave me a really good grounding and a solid foundation to build the career I wanted, which was actually away from a traditional hospital setting. 

Community nursing is exactly that - caring for patients in their own homes and at other locations near to where they live. 

I really enjoy helping patients in this way. It's a bit more informal but every bit as rewarding - I find there's something very personal about actually looking after someone at home, it helps develop really strong relationships.

But that's only half of why I love my job. The team around me are fantastic - we're a real tight knit unit and, as we've all got different skills, can support each other through any situation. 

That's what makes healthcare special - people. Whether you're helping them or working with them, they make it what it is. 

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