Aroon, Charge Nurse, Community Intermediate Care Team

Aroon - life story 184x260I'd describe the working culture here in Swindon as supportive, encouraging and friendly.

Oh, and fun! We have a fantastic team and quite an open culture.

It's diverse - we do spend loads of time out and about - and recently had a big Christmas party, with all the nursing teams.

Everyone is as friendly and supportive outside of work, as well as in.

I've had lots of training in the past year, furthering my Band 6 role.

I'm now supervisor to new staff, and new Band 6s, which I really enjoy.

We're more autonomous here, so we have more flexibility to develop your own role.

We're always encouraged by our manager and team colleagues to progress and all of those opportunities are available to us.

We work predominantly with people in their own homes; a lot of end of life patients and working with the families is incredibly rewarding.

And we have that time to give, and just the support and reassurance that there are people there and we can offer bereavement services, that can be really important, actually one of the most important parts.

I used to live in London and one of the main reasons I moved was because the property is cheaper - it's very cosmopolitan and everything is within reach from here.

There are loads of major cities just a short train or bus ride away.

Lovely surroundings, including around the hospital - you wouldn't think it's in the middle of a town.

Great People. Great Place. Great Western Hospitals.

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